The Bridge Shop Has Been Around Since 1974.

The Bridge Shop Australia was founded in 1974.

It was also the year Olivia Newton-John was declared Country Music Female Vocalist of the Year having won two Grammy awards for I Honestly Love You.

Our little store was opened in Northbridge, Sydney and began by importing books from the UK and the United States to meet the demands of the local bridge community. The Bridge Shop now boasts the world’s largest range of bridge giftware, knick-knacks and general paraphernalia.

That, my friends, is an astounding achievement – a bid and made 7 No Trumps!

Some other interesting tit-bits that happened in 1974:

  • A town clerk in the Randwick Council said that if women were to stand in the local elections, then the council could not meet on Mondays. This he explained, was because women did the washing on Mondays.
  • Alan McGilvray stated that he made his cricket commentary on Mondays simpler because then housewives who were listening and doing the laundry, could better understand.
  • And another liberated chap, Alan Renouf, stated that when stuck with the wife of an Australian diplomat, one would generally find that she could only really talk about children, holidays and shopping.

What have you been doing since 1974? Playing the Game of Bridge? Well?

I have and happily ever after. But, alas, one never stops learning. Nor for that matter shopping. Dang, aren’t we a liberated bunch of people in 2017 and don’t we deserve to be treated as such, even on Mondays.

I say to myself over and over again: “You need to stop this bad habit!” But then I find myself clicking the Add to Cart button!

Card HoldersAdd to Cart. Bridge GamesAdd to Cart. Continue to checkout.

If you have not found Card Holders nor the latest in Bridge Games online, then you have not really being doing it properly. And after all, is that what we are aiming for. The proper Bridge Game deserves the best equipment.

Card Holders or Card Disks come in a variety of shapes and configurations. They make a fab present for your Bridge Buddies, but then of course, only once you have a set to show off.

GOTO Bridge XV – latest bridge game for Windows

Try GOTO Bridge XV – the latest bridge game for Windows

GOTO Bridge XV is a new entrant into the bridge software market and it’s a good look product. Actually, it’s not that new – GOTO Bridge XV has been around for about fourteen years but only just translated into English. The developers have been selling about 5000 copies of GOTO Bridge every year for about 10-12 years – so they must be doing something right.

GOTO Bridge XVWe recently road-tested GOTO Bridge XV and it looks pretty impressive. But first, some important technical information:

1. GOTO Bridge XV is Windows only

2. At the moment, GOTO Bridge XV is only available as download (but it’s very straightforward).

So – what are all the features of GOTO Bridge XV ?

  1. Like other games, you can play random deals against the computer opponents, with the added bonus of GOTO offering you expert advice on your bidding and play.
  2. There’s a whole range of lessons for you on bidding and card play. These are lessons on topics like responding to overcalls, intervening over 1NT and card play technique focusing on defense and squeezes.
  3. Play tournaments incorporating hands from actual tournaments – and compare your results against the actual scores from those tournaments.
  4. Practice your bidding in specific bidding sequences or sharpen your card play in particular contracts (like slam hands or 1NT contracts).

Want more? There’s a complete list of all GOTO Bridge XV’s features here.

Classic Terence Reese Reprints

Classic Reprints by Terence Reese and Roger Trezel

There’s no doubt Terence Reese was one of the bridge’s finest players and writers. Some of his books, such as Reese on Play and Play These Hands with Me are regarded as essential in any bridge player’s library.

In the 1980’s, Reese collaborated with Roger Trezel, a french writer, on a series of eight books on particular aspects of card play. Long out of print, these books have just been re-released as two omnibuses – Accurate Cardplay and Imaginative Cardplay.

Accurate CardplayImaginative Cardplay

Accurate Cardplay is a collection of: Elimination Play, When to Duck, When to Win, Blocking and Unblocking Plays and Safety Plays.

Imaginative Cardplay comprises Those Extra ChancesMaster the OddsSnares and Swindles and The Art of Defense.

Both books are available as paperback or digitally. There are digital versions suitable for your iPad, Kindle or most other tablets. Click here to download a sample of Accurate Cardplay and click here to download a sample of Imaginative Cardplay.

New Playing Cards have arrived

New Playing Cards from Michel Design Works

Looking to update your playing cards for your home bridge games? Then you’ll love you these new items from acclaimed home decor designers Michel Design Works. The fabulous bridge sets including two decks of quality cards and two scorers. Click here for details or to order online. RRP $45.95 per set.

Peacock Bridge Sets and Playing Cards

Vanilla Palm Bridge Sets and Playing Cards Secret Garden Bridge Sets and Playing CardsHummingbird Bridge Sets and Playing CardsEnchanted Garden Bridge Sets and Playing CardsCurrant Bridge Sets and Playing Cards



With one scorer for “Us” and one scorer for “Them”, your bridge friends will admire your choice of bridge equipment. Rubber Bridge continues to be popular among home bridge games, despite the growing popularity of duplicate bridge in clubs.


Bridge players tend to love all sorts of mind games, be it sudoku, target, wordfind or crossword puzzles, to name a few.

We’ve developed our own interactive crossword app and with the re-release of Victor Mollo’s Bridge in the Menagerie, we are featuring Ray Lee’s homage to Mollo crossword – Bridge in the Fourth Dimension.

This is two puzzles in one – a British Cryptic Crossword and a US New York Times-style Crossword. You can attempt these puzzles online or print them out to solve away from your computer.

Bridge CrosswordsMore puzzles will follow in weeks to come – but if you cannot wait, why not try one of our new titles Bridge Crosswords by Jeff Chen.

Available as a paperback [22.95] or PDF download [$14.99].

New Books in stock

Now in stock – we’ve just received four new books from Master Point Press. And some from the real heavyweights of the bridge world.

Complete Guide to Takeout Doubles
Complete Guide to Takeout Doubles
– a reprint of a Mike Lawrence classic. Considered the definitive book on the oldest and most useful convention in bridge.

Defensive Tips for Bad Card Holders – Hundreds of great tips for improving your defense from the king of defense, Eddie Kantar.

The Thin Fine Line
– the sequel to Neil Kimelman’s first book – Improve Your Bidding Judgement – this is a follow-up to the great ideas in the first book.


declarerquizDeclarer Play at Bridge: A Quizbook – a book that give you a chance to practice the principles on which sound declarer play is based: count your winners, count your losers, make a plan. Based on the award-winning Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand.

Hand of the Week

Vu-Bridge Interactive Bridge HandsHave you tried our Vu-Bridge Hand of the Week yet? Vu-Bridge is an on-line interactive bridge system – you get to bid and play specially designed hands that have a card play focus – be it declarer play, defense – or all sorts of sub topics like signalling, counting, card combinations etc.

More information on the fortnightly Vu-Bridge newsletters can be found here. In the meantime, each Saturday morning we are publish two new Vu-Bridge hands, sampled from the V-Green and V-Blue newsletters. You can find them here:

V-Green Hand of the Week
V-Blue Hand of the Week (for bridge newcomers)